The Year Of Order

The last several years have been crazy for me personally. Seth is almost five and since then my life has changed considerably. Obviously having a kid will do that but what really has affected me is time management. Since having Seth I feel I never have time. I’ve adjusted as much as I can but what really makes things difficult in this area is he’s changing too. Bedtimes changes. His needs change. It’s a part of being a father I was expecting but I was understating it in my mind. However, the absolute biggest change more recently in my life that consumed the most time mentally has been my career. Last year I was promoted and I have big responsibilities that comes with on call hours and many little issues that affect me on a daily basis. With all this said I feel I have no time. I don’t have time to put any meaningful time into my photography and it’s showing. I’m very behind on my photography and this continues to aggravate me. Also, I’ve always wanted to start other side projects but how can I when I just don’t have the time.

So with all that said I have started time tracking. I have started tracking most of my time to figure out where it goes. And then with this data I can hopefully make helpfully cuts to reclaim some time to put towards my enjoyable projects. From time to time I will share my time tracking charts I feel this will be fun and a easy way to motivate me to continue time tracking to get enough of a data sample.

So here is my first data sample for the last month I have been tracking. I think I work too much..

JohnDGardiner @LifeWatch