Finding Talent

It’s not easy to find talent these days. Trying to find aspiring models to perform shoots has kind of been exhausting. I find myself scheduling and then re-schedling and then cancelling so many shoots. Looking at my website this morning and only seeing my last shoot that was weeks ago now is a bit disheartening. Photographers should always be taking photos to get better. I find myself always chasing my tail when it comes to my photography and daily life balance. I’m a husband and a father first yet I still have a full time job that I need to pay attntion to. I find my photography often takes a backseat even though I’d like it to flurish and spend more time on it. Trying to not be so negative but looking at the work I’ve done and can show I feel like I have nothing while I find myself spending more time on advertising and the business side. I have a promo shoot I am doing tonight at a local Pilates studio tonight. Hoping to get some great shots and show the owners what I can do.

JohnDGardiner @LifeWatch