Goal I

Some nerves are setting in. As I continue to try to book talent that will give me my best chance at impressing modeling agencies I’m very worried my work is not ready yet. To paint a clearer picture, modeling agencies have “new faces” or new models that need to keep there portfolio up to date. This is where new photographers in the fashion industry get started. We come in and shoot the agency’s new faces and we get to improve our portfolio even more and the agency gets new photos for there talent free of charge. But what happens after?

I’m not going there. My first goal is to build a portfolio that can demonstrate my work is ready to shoot new faces. Seems easy right? Just take some photos and approach some agency’s. Easy peasy right? No, nothing is easy. Multiple facets to a relationship I will have with an agency will be on full display. Am I professional enough? Can they trust me with their talent? Am I good enough for there talent?

These are the questions that have been haunting my mind for months. I feel I’m very professional. I know they can trust me but they don’t know that. Trust is not something that can be measured quantifyingly. Trust is a gut feeling and history. So these agency’s are going by gut because I have no history. It’s nerve wracking for me. Still, I’m excited to start reaching out and pushing. But what if they don’t answer me?

This is something that has been really worrying me. What if my work IS good enough and i AM professional enough and they COULD trust me but I still don’t get noticed? This question scares me the most. I can’t make someone read an email. I can’t make someone answer a call. All I can do is try and hopefully get lucky.

I guess it all really does comes down to luck. I’m a person who is more statistical and likes predictable outcomes. Work hard=pay off. But this luck thing is different. It’s maddening that it’s not in my control. Just need to be positive through the process. This is what I want. This is who I am. I’m not an alarm programmer that goes paycheck to paycheck to support his family. I’m a photographer who enjoys taking photos and telling stories with those photos. So here we go. No going back now. Here’s to goal I.

JohnDGardiner @LifeWatch