Growing Up

Growing up is a fucking pain. When you are too young you can’t do a damn thing. But then when you grow up you then have responsibilities that keep you from doing what you want. When you are young you want to be older. I am now finding out that when you are older you wish you could be younger. I wish I could freeze time right now and selfishly enjoy Seth forever at this age. He’s a great kid. His personality is what keeps me going. He keeps me young. I’m really glad he doesn’t have to deal with all these social issues. He can just be a kid. This is why I want to freeze time. I want to protect him from the corruption and bullshit that will soon to infest his days. But that’s not how it works. He’s going to grow up. He’s going to see everything I see now. A world that is treacherous and non-forgiving. I just hope I can hold his hand literally and figuratively for awhile longer.

JohnDGardiner @LifeWatch