Instagram & Thoughts

I’ve been off Instagram for awhile now. Like I actually disabled my account. Things got super distracting for me. My ongoing struggles with fitting things in continue. The struggle with time to be the husband and father I need to be all the while performing in my new position is really getting to me. I’m back in that “All work and no play” lifestyle and it’s my fault for putting myself here. I do so much I feel but continue to want to do more. I want to photograph more. Take blogging more seriously. Start a podcast. Just exapand my creativity and continue to push myself. Yet I feel I have no time for any of it. Instagram became this thing I found myself checking throughout the day. More time wasted. However since dropping Instagram I feel nothing has gotten better. I still feel I don’t have time. I’m just in an endless cycle.

JohnDGardiner @LifeWatch