The Labor Of Luna

Life has been pretty busy at the moment. Our family has changed in the last week with the inclusion of our puppy Luna. She is husky and german shepherd and just cute as ever. This has however, introduced a new busy aspect to my life. I have been learning over the last week how to adapt my life’s workflows. It’s not easy that’s for sure. But I welcome the change. I like to be busy and always be out and doing things. Sometimes I like to have things slow down but with Luna she pushes and pushes since she’s just a puppy. She has pure love. She can just look at someone and love them right away. That’s pretty amazing. We all love Luna and while Seth maybe struggled at the beggining at sharing the attention he loves Luna very much and constantly plays with her. She’s a good pup as well. She slept theough the whole night last night. I’m pretty amazed at that since she’s so young and it usually take a month or two for pupps to get accustomed to their new life. Last week was all about Luna and adjusting. This week however has a new challenge on the horizon.

I may get promoted soon. I’ve been at my company for 10 years now and now is the time where I will be taking my first major step into management. Maybe. It all depends on if I’m qualified and I’m one of five employees in the running for the position. Taking on this new position will of course bring in new money and that’s great but for me it needs to be more. I need to feel I’m making personal progress as a person. Developing my workflows to better suit my success has been hard. But using tools like Todoist and Trello as well as the Amazon Echo at home has allowed me to squeek as much productivity out of myself as possible without dropping performance. All of these things I have going on and I will always hold a special place in my heart for my photography. Finding the time to grow my business has been very hard. However, declining a promotion just to keep trying to make my business work doesn’t make financial sense. Would you turn down a sizable raise to try your dream when you have a family? I have a family to take care of I have to think of them. If I was single I would maybe make a different decision. However bringing in more money versus getting a sure thing is something that’s a no-brainer for me.

I can and will still carve out time for my photography. But the business side is going to take a bit longer to really make lucrative. Doing occasional side jobs is going to be the norm for me for awhile. I may enter the Sony photo contest next year and give that a shot. When it comes to model photography I need to get paid for shoots. I really can’t depend on TFP shoots anymore. My time is very valuable and I need to focus on bringing in money. So here’s to Luna our newest family member. Here’s to a possible promotion. And finally here is to my photography where I will continue to grow and only take paid jobs from here on out.

JohnDGardiner @LifeWatch