The Negotiator

So I bought the Kia Soul 2018 special edition wild orange. I love this car. It has all the modern features you want in a car and then some. The worst part about buying this car had to be the negotiation. I’m not a good negotiator. At least I despise doing it. Going back and forth on a price is mind numbing and exhausting. After being at the negotiating table for well over 5 hours they finally met my acceptable terms. By 11pm we found ourselves in the finance office again navigating the sharks to get more money out of me. We held strong. I really wish buying a car was easier. Not sure why it has to be such a big deal to negotiate and haggle your way to a fair deal. When I buy the iPhone X Plus (or whatever they call it) I’m not going to haggle that price of course I can’t! I’ll get up and preorder and be done with it. I kind of wish car buying was that easy. It is what it is but this is why I kept my last car for so long. I hate dealing with greasy car salespeople. So here’s to another 10 years before I enter another dealership.

JohnDGardiner @LifeWatch